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Ceramic Set

Cooking Instructions for Frozen Dumplings

Please note that our dumplings are ideal for boiling or frying, not for steaming! The ideal dough for steamed dumplings (烫面, tang mian) is made differently (with hot water) and is lighter than the regular dough. Steaming our dumplings will result in a tough and unappealing wrapper.   


Boiled Dumplings

Boiled dumpling in Chinese called shui jiao (水餃) literally translated water dumplings because they are cooked in boiling water. They are the most popular form of dumplings served in Chinese households.


Fried Dumplings 

If dumplings are laid flatly on a pan, first steamed with a lid on and with a thin layer of water, then fried in oil after the water has been evaporated, they are called guotie (锅贴), literally translates to "potstickers"

Cooking Method
Boiled Dumplings
Fried Dumplings
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